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Recover Lost Phpld Admin Password

Whenever you setup phpld you should take the following steps to help you remember your admin password.

1. Make a note of it and keep it in a safe place.
2. Always add your email address to the admin (login to your admin, then click on "Site" now fill in your email address in "Contact email") this is the email address that your password would be sent to should you forget it.

If you forget your password simply go to your admin ( below the login you will see "I forgot my password" click on the link, type in your user name and email address, your password will now be sent to you.

If you failed to follow the above steps and you have lost your password then follow the instructions below.

Login to your website control panel, once logged in click on "MySQL" then click on "phpMyAdmin" now find "PLD_USER" and click on it, tick the password box then click on "Browse" you should now see lots of letters and numbers under password (Example: sha1 v87434e264g5bc17658a356b1c6b3g0ga) now click on edit and change the password coding to d033e22ae348aeb5660fc2140aec35850c4da997 this will change your password to "admin". If you have made the correct changes your password should look like this.

You must remember to add the before d033e22ae348aeb5660fc2140aec35850c4da997.

Now you have changed the password remember to login to your admin panel and change it again to something you can remember, to do this simply login to your admin panel, click on "profile" type in and confirm your name password.

Tips on keeping your password safe.

Don't reveal your passwords to others. If someone absolutely must have access to your account, change the password before you grant them access, then change it again after their access is no longer required.

Change reset passwords. You might encounter a situation where you're locked out of your account and can't remember the password you registered it under. If that happens, reset your password. As soon as the password reset takes effect and you are able to login again, change the password.


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